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Who We Are

Business of Women™ is a thriving professional community and a leading research & advisory institute uniquely positioned to navigate dynamic market trends and explore exciting business opportunities in China’s booming Sheconomy.

Founded by Doris Ke, former Chief Marketing Officer at YCloset, Head of Marketing Operations at Alipay U.S., and Social Communications Manager at Michael Kors New York HQ, we inform, inspire, engage, and empower a growing community of Sheconomy enthusiasts in both China and the U.S. through women-centric quality stories, market insights, and growth strategies.

Work With Us

Business of Women™ strives to amplify women’s voices. Believing in the transformative power of women’s autonomy and empowerment, we work with corporations and startups to serve modern Chinese women consumers’ diverse and changing needs, build powerful and positive brand presence, and create innovative products & services to help women look better and feel better.

We provide highly-customized and localized business solutions, expert perspectives, collaboration opportunities, and networking resources for enterprises, executives, entrepreneurs, influencers, and professionals specializing in fashion, beauty, e-commerce, marketing, social media, entertainment, health & fitness, cosmetic surgery, maternity & baby, and many other industries.

Business Inquiries

Ready to tap into China’s coveted $670 billion sheconomy market? Please drop us a line at or fill out the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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